среда, 18 августа 2010 г.

The Chocolate Layers

  1. That Boy's Evil
  2. Party Hard (The Chocolate Layers' mix)
  3. Up a Tree Again (The Chocolate Layers' St John's Ambulance mix)
  4. The Facts Of Life (The Chocolate Layers' remix)
  5. Dirge (Cossack apocalypse mix by the Chocolate Layers)
Release date: 1998-2001
Bitrate: 158-256 kbps
Format: MP3
LINK HERE (~40 Mb)

1 комментарий:

  1. great, thanks for all this!
    i'm looking for Disco 2000 live tracks:
    Sorted For E's & Wizz
    I Spy
    Pencil Skirt

    thanks for all.
    oh and i see u have Suede files too!

    there's my blog, if u like Blur/Gorillaz/Graham Coxon stuff.
    lots of downloads too.


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